For more about Vanishing Point, check out the NPR RADIO DRAMA or the ROLE-PLAYING GAME for MICROSOFT.


We’re approaching the twentieth anniversary of the first radio broadcast of “Vanishing Point,” an event made possible by DJ Mark Garber of Surf 107.5 in Wilmington, NC. Mark has now moved on to NPR’s New York City affiliate WNYC, and I thought you might enjoy a few clips of other Vanishing Point alumni who went on to bigger and better things…

Michael Sinterniklaas portrayed one of our lead characters, Matt Grey, and went on to become the voice of Dean Venture and a certain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, amongst many other things…Leonardo_TMNT-01


Horror legend Larry Fessenden made several appearances as Otis, the Traveler who wrote the Book on the Circuit. Here he tries to inform our listeners that this fictional world is actually based on a real place before it’s too late…fessenden1

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Grammy nominated alt-country artist Tift Merritt played a musical Traveler named “Angela.” This is an original song she wrote for the project…220px-Tift_Merritt_cs
Donal Logue of “Sons of Anarchy” and “Terriers” fame made a guest appearance as a testimonial for “Geneweavers” — the fictitious sponsor for “Vanishing Point” on National Public Radio.donal-logue-sons-of-anarchy-fx
Jonathen Ames, best-selling author and creator of HBO’s “Bored To Death” made a guest appearance as a hit-man threatening Matt Grey and John Krane over their CB Radio…ames_manson_061507
Christian Slater made a guest appearance as the voice behind “Safety Bubble!” — a fictional TV commercial that had multiple appearances on the show…Slater
Acclaimed author, columnist and actress Amy Sohn appeared as several characters, including a truck-stop waitress who had an amorous encounter with the mysterious magician known as “Casanova’s Wake.”amyfinal-2641-e1338503363563
And last but not least, the late, great Pat Hingle graced our presence as Sam, head of an invite only poker game which goes terribly wrong for our heroes…hingle1-sized

For more about Vanishing Point, check out the NPR RADIO DRAMA or the ROLE-PLAYING GAME for MICROSOFT.

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