What Would Your Dog Do For A Nutrident?

Check out my first foray into the world of user generated, viral advertisements, this one for Nylabone’s “What Would Your Dog Do For A Nutrident?” campaign. They say never work with kids or animals, but had a blast working with both on this one. More clips to follow as soon as they’re released…

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  1. Nicholas Goldman says:

    Pretty funny!! I see you’ve been working hard lately! Anyways, on some unrelated news, when is The Seems Book 4 coming out? I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years now, and Im just wondering on the progress of the book. I understand that Michael is in Kansas City, far away from Highland Park, but I really want some updates. Posts on The Seems website have been scarce, so that’s why I’m asking over here! Thanks!

    • admin says:


      Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to be so slow on the Seems updates. Nothing new to report not the Book 4 front, mostly because I’ve been involved with several film and tv projects and Michael’s been working on Book 1 of a new kid’s series. However, the good Seems news is that we’ve made significant progress in our goal of creating a TV series based on the books. I was inspired to write a pilot episode by a binge of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and its sequel, “The Legend of Korra”, because I loved both and thought their mix of adult themes (love, death, spirituality) and straight comedy were right up the Seems’ alley. The pilot was very well received, and now we’ve partnered up with a great animation house called “SixPoint Harness,” which has worked on a number of great projects, from Tom Hanks’ “Electric City” to the recent reboot of “Cosmos.” Obviously, it’s a long road getting a TV show on the air, but in my mind, this is the ultimate iteration of this project. The world of The Seems was always too big for even the books, and now we might have the opportunity to tell all those stories that only ended up in footnotes or appendices. Should all go down over the next couple months, so check here or the Seems Facebook page for updates, and keep your fingers crossed. If there’s ever a Season 1, you can be sure Book 4 won’t be far behind it —

      Take care, and again, thanks for your interest.


  2. Ben C. says:

    I have to say that this is the cruelest cliffhanger I have ever seen. I love your work and 2 years after the lost train of though came out I had given up on the hope that there would be a fourth book. Then the teaser chapter came out and got my hopes up. I am really happy about these new developments! I excitedly rave to basically everyone I know about your series. Sadly I am no longer in the target demographic :/
    When the fourth book comes out I am going to buy it so fast even though I’ll be in college then.

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