Just wanted to share the newest viral ad I produced for Nylabone. This one’s called “Save Your Sofa!”, and big props to Gus Menzes for camera, Kevin Wiggins for sound, Albie Connelly for set design, and Liz Roesner for voice-over. But as you’ll see, the real star of the show was Winston…

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  1. Andrei Tarchovsky( Neraska Turner) says:

    Hey John! It’s me again…. You seem to be really busy at work! I see. I actually really like the commercials you’ve been doing. Are you making these for TV or for website ads? Real nice work you got here.

    On some other news, how’s you’re family doing? Does Jack still listen to Far and Wide? Haha. Also, I really want to know how you’re going with Cassius and The Seems. Have a you gotten any new footage recently? And is the partnership with Six Point Harness going well?

    You seem to be a very talented filmmaker. Back in 2005, I saw Unknown Soldier, and it was the best documentary I have ever seen. Have you ever thought about sending some of your films into a festival? Something strange I want to say, your ‘old’ films? Like ‘A Little Bit Of Both’ where the quality wasn’t all too good? For some reason that kinda brings me back some memories, the whole atmosphere is really nostalgic for me. And I guess I’m the only one who feels that way.

    You still live in Highland Park? I want to move over to that area…I’m just wondering is it good? Ha. Are you working on anything else? Aside from Cassius, commercials, and The Seems…

    Well, it’s really late, so I better go. One more thing before I hit submit, what happened to your Twitter account? @JHulmeIV. You never tweeted anything. I highly suggest you get a Twitter account, not forcing you. I don’t know it you know this, but there are a lot of people who love your work. And I check back on your site almost every day to see if John posted anything, and well, I have to say the updates take a bit time. I know you’re busy, but if you do get a Twitter account I think you will be able to connect better with fans who admire your work.

    Just so you know, my Twitter is @realstevenryu. You can follow me, but…I’m a really politically left-leaning person (I’m a Democrat) so if you’re a Republican, you might get a bit offended at my beliefs, but hopefully that’ll be okay.

    Thanks John.

    Nebraska (Yes, that’s my name, but I usually go by Steven) from Virginia

    • admin says:

      Nebraska (great handle,)

      Thanks for getting back in touch, and for all the kinds words on various topics. The commercials are all online so far — a good buddy of mine is on the creative side of Nylabone’s dog-product business, and we’ve been having a blast cranking these out. We have a second “Save Your Sofa” due to come out soon, as soon as I can get my act together. These days I’ve been mostly focused on the “Cassius” project, which is still untitled and has grown into what I hope will be a documentary that can fill an hour slot on TV. Just screened my first cut to my editor from “Unknown Soldier,” Rich Campbell, and as expected, he was a harsh but constructive critic. Going to try to crank another cut out by the end of this week, and keep the ball rolling, because it’s a project as close to my heart as “Unknown Soldier” was. Nothing new to report on The Seems, and I have another TV Pilot about to go on the market based on the Tapers, an underground secret society dedicated to secretly eavesdropping/spying on people. Sort of like the NSA, except in reverse. Been a personal obsession of mine for many years and very excited about how the pilot and show bible came out. Hope to have more to tell you in the near future.

      What else? My horror film Mr.Allen looks to be rising from the dead, but again, can’t talk about that right now until all the details are worked out. It’s been a brutal experience bringing it to life, but knock on wood, this time will be the charm.

      As for Twitter, I have to be honest, I’ve had a hard time committing to it. Not sure why, but at your suggestion, maybe I’ll give it a try. You’ll have to let me know how it goes…

      Take care, and again, thanks for your interest…


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